Very exciting news!

The Food History blog has a new home here at Historical Foodways!  When I first started this blog, it was meant to be only for a class project and thus I was not too concerned with the subdomain name, which is “culinaryhistory.”  At the time, that was good enough, but culinary history is not an accurate description of what I aim to do with this blog now that it has gone beyond its initial purpose.  For this reason, I felt that a new home was needed, one with a name and URL that was descriptive of what I’m trying to do.  Thus, Historical Foodways was born.  I’m very excited not only because it is a much better description of the food history I’m taking on but also because hosting the blog on my own domain gives me much better control over the look and functionality of the site.

If you subscribe to Food History by email, I will be updating your subscription to the new site, but you still have to confirm once you get the email.  If you subscribe through or any other service, I ask that you please update your subscription so you do not miss a post. 

Thank you for following this pet project of mine, and here’s to moving on to a better home!

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